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Ecopiren in TPO roofing membranes
Ecopiren in TPO roofing membranes

Roofing and waterproofing membranes based on thermoplastic polyolefins (TPO) are modern, high-tech materials used in many areas of construction.�Such physical properties of TPO membranes as strength, durability, vapor permeability, resistance to aggressive media and fire safety are provided by the composition.

In particular, the properties of TPO membranes allows to meet the increased requirements for fire resistance. For example, it allows to apply to such facilities as nuclear power plants.

Base polymers are copolymers of polypropylene. As flame retardants are widely used expensive synthetic flame retardants - synthetic aluminum hydroxide (ATH) and magnesium hydroxide (MDH).�Russian Mining Chemical Company, LLC has developed a special natural MDH product for this area with stearic acid treatment - Ecopiren® 5,5C.

The use of mineral flame retardants is considered to be difficult because of the presence of impurities such as compounds of iron, copper, manganese and others. This is due to the high requirements for resistance and aging due to UV radiation and high temperature. However, Ecopiren� 5,5C is made from specially selected brucite ore of high purity. Due to the use of new separation technologies, it is possible to significantly reduce the content of impurities in comparison with similar mineral products.

Our company conducted research on testing various fillers in TPO roof membranes. Below is the basic formula and comparative characteristics. Aging tests were conducted at 140 ° C.

IngredientDosage, % by mass
Polymers and additives
PP copolymer56�
Complex Stabilizer masterbatch1.
Color masterbatch (gray)2.5�2.5��2.5��2.5��2.5��2.5��2.5��2.5��2.5��2.5�
Flame Retardant Fillers
Ecopiren 5,540

Ecopiren 5,5C40

Brucite with high� Fe2O3 content40美森e学app美森e学app,女人失禁怎么办女人失禁怎么办,美足av第一页美足av第一页
Synthetic MDH40
Synthetic ATH40
Tensile strength, MPa11,79,412,210,311,08,811,610,612,610,0
Elongation at break, %602514581559513509597530525509
Oxidation induction time (OIT), min574414813485817868147126
Weeks till Elongation drop is 50%4296747477
Weeks till OIT drop is 100%54>9>97676>9>9

Solutions for this field

The most demanded products of RMCC and Europiren in this field are:


Ecopiren� 5,5C美森e学app美森e学app,女人失禁怎么办女人失禁怎么办,美足av第一页美足av第一页
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